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Tone pilates & barre by leah

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Enjoy the health and fitness benefits of Pilates with great music and a social atmosphere!

food for thought

why pilates?

You maintain your car. You floss your teeth every day. But do you really maintain your body?

Your body's physical stance is also your Tone. Tone represents the perceived frequency of a musical note or sound. If you consider a musical note as a physiological stance, then one can compare the body's movements to music. Pilates requires that you treat your body with respect, love, and reassurance... and in return, your body will respond with combined mental health, physical strength and confidence. Consider balance as a spiritual journey to achieving your complete well being.

I think of my unique practice in that very sense. As you take note of your body's elements, each movement is a "pitch" - accurate and precise. When you practice Pilates, your body becomes "whole", harmonious and toned. Subconsciously, your entire neuromuscular system begins to work as you train your brain to send precise signals to your muscles. With enough repetitions (3x per week) you will be amazed at the transformation your body can undergo in just 30 days.

Finally, as in a musical Tone, with Pilates your body will look more distinguished as you build confidence, stand taller and in perfect alignment. Tone is what makes a note sound darker or brighter, heavier or lighter. In the same way, Pilates can enhance the sensation associated with a gently moving body, complete with grace and harmony, regardless of age or gender.

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TONE Pilates & Barre

Client reviews

Leah's classes are amazing, and I always feel so much better after I take them. I feel like I am getting stronger and more fit. She is patient and really works with your technique. Leah is a great instructor. - Mar 2021
A+ mat class. Leah corrected my form, went at my pace and was lively and engaging the entire time. She pays attention to your specific needs but also challenges you at the same time. I will be taking more of her ClassPass classes and also scheduling privates. - Jan 2019
Leah is the best pilates teacher I ever had. I've been taking her classes for a year now. She is very professional, friendly and kind. I feel stronger, toned, and my posture is better. Her classes also relieved my lower back pains. I highly recommend. - Sept 2019

The best Traditional Pilates Class. Leah is the best instructor. She corrects you and makes sure you’re doing it the right way. If I miss a class I feel so bad I guess I’m addicted to Leah and Pilates. - Jan 2020


Always looking forward to Leah's diverse re-energizing lessons. Lessons you can take wherever you are in the world due to the different hours per day that lessons are offered. Thank you Leah! You definitely are helping me during the Pandemic's challenging time in keeping myself in check.


Leah is the most amazing instructor! She is so dedicated and passionate about Pilates. She gives her all to every class. I'm so glad I found her! - May 2020


THANK YOU Leah for saving me during this COVID19 era. Everything about your Virtual Pilates experience has been so easy and convenient. I feel so good after each class. The quality of the workouts continue to be exceptional and challenging! Thank you for your endless energy and for your flexibility in having a few sessions each day to accommodate us! - Feb 2021