Tone Pilates & BARRE

2023 CLASS LIST & Pricing

Virtual classes are offered at a discounted monthly rate or standard drop-in rate per class. Drop-in rate is $15/class. Monthly packages are 3x/week at $120 ($10/class) or 2x/week at $110 ($13.75/class). Use buttons below to see schedule or sign up and start attending virtual classes!

Stretch Extend & Strengthen (Virtual)

In this class, we stretch the body in all directions safely and gently. Chest expansion, open & stretch the hip joints, flexors and buttocks, as well as working our back extension while rotating and bending the upper body. At the end of the class, the entire body feels elongated and flexible. 45 min.

Level: all

Traditional Pilates with Cardio "Snack" (Virtual)

Using the classical [mat] Pilates techniques, this class is designed to use all axis movements of the spine in a specific kinetic chain order. Taught in the same way around the world starting w/Joseph Pilates' basic 10 movements and adding to it in a progressive manner. Includes 10min Cardio Movements. 45 min.

Level: moderate to high

Pilates & Barre (Virtual)

This work out focuses on bi-directional upper/lower body movement designed to promote safe postural alignment while moving and strengthening skeletal muscle groups in order: inner/outer thighs, obliques, core and back. We use a chair or a wall for support, 2-3 lb. dumbbells & balance balls (mini & large Fit Ball). 45 min.

Level: moderate to high

HIIT Pilates (Virtual)

High-intensity interval training (HIIT)  is very effective for weight loss because HIIT makes your body use energy from fat instead of carbs. You’ll also burn more calories with HIIT than with steady cardio. The intense exercise keeps your body working and in fat-burning mode for up to 24 hours after your workout ends. 45 min.

Level: moderate to high

Fusion Pilates (Virtual)

Based on classic Pilates principles, we incorporate a variety of movements that add fun with less restrictive Pilates movement structure. It uses props to enhance balance, and increase the cardio benefits. Props used are magic circle, mini balance ball (opt. Pilates arc) and resistance strap. 45 min.

Level: low to moderate

Motion is Lotion (Virtual)

Each month we try a new workout routine. A gentle Pilates class intended to mobilize and stretch the body while getting toned and strong! The purpose of this class is to lubricate and maintain the full Range of Motion (ROM) of the joints and keep the spine supple. 45 min.

Level: low to moderate

Young Seniors & Younger (Virtual)

This class is for young seniors and anyone who is young at heart (all ages welcome!). We use various props such as: a chair, magic circle, fit ball and mat. We focus on the present moment with breath, and improve coordination and concentration. Feel relaxed and focused.  45 min.

Level: all

Private and Semi-Private (Virtual)

Mat or Reformer classes available if client has access to their own equipment. Please book directly with instructor to create a focused fitness plan. Semi-private is limited to two people. 45 min.

Level: all

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