The Benefits of Pilates
          • Long, lean muscles & flexibility A mind-body workout
          • Strong core - flat abdominal & healthy back
          • Good posture  -  flexibility, healthy joints
          • Physical efficiency- improved performance, strength & endurance

Working Hours 8:00AM-8:00PM Mon.-Fri.

Weekends By Request Only

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Fall 2018           

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 Cardio Plus Class Format 

This 15 min Aerobic Pilates begins with (1) a Jump board parallel foot exercises for one person, (2) and Exo Chairâ„¢ fast pedaling activities followed by high pace (3) Mat Pilates workout. 

On the Mat, we start and finish as warm up and cool down exercises.

On the Jump Board we use foot patterns with a blue (& red for additional resistance) spring. This will warm up the feet, knees and hips while holding the neutral pelvic zone.  Next, hand patterns are added without weights. For advanced intensity: once the patterns are coordinated with the footwork, 2 lb. weights are added. Instructor calls out the patterns. To make the workout more difficult, we change the springs to two red springs or more. Or, we can use a single blue spring to simulate running on the moon, which requires a huge amount of pelvic stability to challenge anyone. We conclude the session by doing stretching exercises.

On the EXO chair we perform parallel toes/heels fast pedaling exercises. We add Arm coordination patterning, and for additional Cardio challenge, we increase the spring resistance and/or the speed and repetitions.


"In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference and in 30 you will have a whole new body" ~ Joseph Pilates

Tone Pilates & Barre Policy  (more info here)


Starting September 2018, 12 hours Advanced cancelation is required. Use your MindBody App.

My intent is to secure the regular regiment program for all my Pilates participants as they purchase a class format package(s), specifically Semi-Private/Trio and groups.  This Policy eliminates the occasional unexpected class cancellation, when a replacement for the partner who is unable to attend the class, is unavailable.

Should a person need to take time off from his/her Pilates program, please consider the Leave of Absence (LoA) option with specified Start-End dates. The schedule would be kept the same upon the return from the Leave. However, during that time I reserve the right to use the paid/pre-schedule class until the person returns from the Leave (the End Date).  

TBD Intentional Movement - Two 30 min groups

This program is split into  three equal movement segments for each person. The first is a private class designed to move with Intention. It is a customize addressing specific physical goals and challenges of the individual.  The next segment is an enhanced social semi-private class for two.

Moving with Intention: This segment is about intentional movements. It's a mind-body movement interaction based on the  individual's personal.biological  and social comfort. 

Social Pilates: This segment is Semi-Private class for two.  The intent of  this  program is to enhance the Pilates experience . It allows each individual to  address his/her own physical goals while enjoying a social fitness partnership. 

 Cardio Plus is a continuous Cardio fitness program that increases heart rate and burns calories, lengthen the thighs and tone gluteus, oblique and core muscles. 


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