Tone Pilates & Barre by Leah Watts

Tone Pilates & Music Policy


You will be charged for your session unless you call to cancel at least 24 hours in advance, unless you schedule a Make-Up Session (Click here See Make-Up Class Schedule)

Please expect my returned email/call confirmation to confirm I have received your 24-hour-Cancellation or Returned-Date. 

As a courtesy to me for being available to you for your scheduled session(s), and to others who might want to schedule a session at that time, you must notify me 24 hours in advance to schedule a Make-Up session, or you will be charged the full amount for not attending your scheduled session.

1. Schedule classes can only be secured when paid in advance. 

2. A Leave of Absence (LoA)

·         When going on a Leave of Absence (i.e. vacation, business trip, medical), your class schedule can only be secured with a specified Start-End (leave-return) dates.

·         Note that without a specified Return Date, class rate and/or schedules are not secured

·         Class schedule can be resumed upon the agreed return (End) date from the Leave Start date. Please email/call a week in advance.

·         Be aware that during the LoA, I may schedule your schedule to other people, until the agreed upon return to class date.

·         Should the return to class date needs to be changed, please email/call a week prior to the original returned date. Please do not assume I received your message/text/. Expect a returned email/text/call confirmation from me.  

3. Prices vary upon class format, frequent attendance, Seniority & my availability.

4. I reserve the right to change my teaching fees without notice when my teaching hours exceed my normal capacity. Click to see my monthly schedule here. 

Tone Pilates & Music Policy (continued)


Effective January 2015

Starting January 2015, full charges will be applied for ALL unattended pre-paid sessions, after two (2) consecutive 24-hour-cancellation notification per package, unless classes are made-up on the week of the cancelled class, or the following. This applies to private sessions, as well. 

My intent is to secure the regular regiment program for all my Pilates participants as they purchase class format package(s) specifically, Semi-Private and groups.  This Policy eliminates the occasional unexpected class cancellations, when a replacement for the partner who is unable to attend the class, is unavailable.

Should a person is unable to attend a Make-Up class or need to take a Leave from his/her Pilates program, please consider the Leave of Absence (LoA) option with specified Start-End dates. The schedule would be kept the same upon the return from the Leave. However, during that time I reserve the right to use the paid/pre-schedule time until the person returns from the Leave (End Date). 

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