Tone Pilates & Barre by Leah Watts

Pilates Rehab Program!

This specialized program has been developed by a Breast Cancer survivor. It is a Recovery Program which focuses on those muscle groups which help clients regain and maintain the Range of Motion (ROM) of the arms. Our program is focused on the upper body, the shoulder girdle, lats and abdominal muscles, in particular.

We encourage everyone who had gone through breast surgery and reconstruction, to start the Pink Ribbon Program as soon as ten weeks after surgery to avoid loss of ROM and unnecessary discomfort.  

The program is a 12 session program, and is covered by most health insurance companies under a specified code.

For more information and to enroll, please call: Leah Watts (818) 512-5979 or e-mail:

For best results, I ask that you bring a doctor's release for physical activity, and a description of the stage and type of surgery performed to us. It is important that I fully understand the impact of your surgery during the recovery process. Please bring it with you to your first session. 

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