Dear Pilates Enthusiasts,                                                                            

Welcome back to my Home Pilates studio in Oak Park, California.

With mixed feelings, but renewed energy, I have decided to return home to sunny California. Returning to my quaint and beautiful home-town of Oak Park, the country side of Los Angeles which is nestled between the majestic & rocky hills of Southern California. The relatively new town that was built from the ground up with parks, recreation and trail.  This town and neighboring like it towns, where Hollywood West movies were once filmed, is now a cultural and territorial place to many, unique with a mix of people from celebrities to young and old families have settled in their homes, estates, horse trails and barns on these hidden hill all the way to PCH State Rout 1. The beach is only 18 miles away.                          Oak Park is a town where the humming sounds of birds are mixed with cheers of people hiking, biking or just strolling-these are common sounds of a well established country.  It seems like the opposite of the cloudy rainy city of Seattle, Bellevue & Kirkland. Although, I will miss the emerald green city filled with dense trees and many lakes, where boating, fishing and hiking is a common social activity, I know my place at home is Oak Park, California.  

On a personal level, almost three years ago, I moved to Seattle for two very good reasons. One, the most important, to be near my daughter and her family as we all welcomed her second child. Not only I was lucky to live near my daughter, I also established a priceless/timeless relationship with both my grandchildren.  The second reason form my move was my professional fabulous turn.  From a full time Computer Application Analyst in a R&D Engineering/Manufacturing industry for over 30 years, into a full time Pilates Instructor in the Health & Fitness industry. At my age, I am feeling better than I had felt 10 years ago. Honestly, I attribute all of that to Pilates and the reward I get from teaching it. It is the most incredible fitness technique.

The best of all, I met so many nice and very interesting clients. With each client I grew professionally and emotionally. Every client is an adventure. All I know about Pilates, I learned from my clients. 5-7 clients a day hardly felt like work.   It is the relationship, the challenge, the collaboration, and the ever changing dynamic, both physically and mentally, all those together created a genuine holistic approach to each individual client as the focus was on their needs, their own benefits, goals and ability. Everyone progressed at their own speed, gradually and ability.  The gain is always about enjoying the freedom of movement while getting tones, strong and healthy.

Looking forward to meeting all my old and new clients.  

Farewell and goodbye to all my short & long term Pilates clients in Bellevue,WA. You are my friends. You made me happy. You gave me purpose and I welcome your visits in California whenever you need the sun. Call me...



Pilates principles:

Breathing/Concentration/Control/Centering,Awareness and Flow.  

In each sessions we focus on these principles reaching connection between the mind and the body.

"Trust your intuition and look at the world from inside out." ~ Steve Jobs


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