Leah E Watts

 Leah Watts, Certified Pilates Instructor

Leah taught Group Mat Pilates, PiYo(TM), and trained and certified in SilverSneakers(TM) programs at the 24-Hour Fitness Club; In 2015 she obtained certification by Pink Ribbon Org. in Pilates as a Rehab for Breast Cancer Survivors.  For the past 3 years, Leah worked as a full-time Private Pilates Instructor at a large Wellness & Fitness center known as the Pro Sports Club in Bellevue-Seattle, WA.  She uses various Pilates equipment such as the Reformer, Stability Chair, Cadillac, Ped-a-Pole, Ballet Barre  and incorporates accessories as needed for modification and muse.  In her teaching, Leah has been using the BASI Pilates Block System(TM) method since 2008.

As a teenager, Leah studied Music & Dance majoring in Modern Dance.  She brings her passion for music & the art of movement into her practice while combining the Pilates principles benefits as a therapeutic power of mind, body & spirit. 
With Leah's intuitive cuing, the Pilates lateral breathing methods, and the repetitive rhythmic movements, clients quickly notice the value of Freedom of Movement!   

A (not so) short note: 

Leah has transitioned into her Pilates profession after 42 years of working in major corporation in High Tech  R&D Engineering business sectors.  Started as an aeronautical & electronic CAD designer, and later as a Computer Scientist . Her most recent title was Application/Support Analyst. It is important to understand that Leah herself was affected by the demanding lifestyle of a Techie working in a multi-generational, multi-cultural and never ending deadlines pressures. Constant career demands, business travel, parenthood, family and social juggling led her to stress, not only mentally, but also physically.  Leah understands that as technology becomes vital in our daily lives, productivity becomes most challenging. Technology contributes to lack of focus as multi-tasking becomes the norm. "On a daily basis, at work, at home, even during recreational activity, we all end up losing the quality of life as there is no longer Quiet-Time or Time-Out in our lives."  

Leah understands as she has experienced the full affect of the physical/mental manifestation on the body. In forms of physical pains and aches and vital signs our body and mental being suffer from the lack of movement. aMuscle tension eventually turn into chronic pain. The constant neck & shoulders tightness, the aching upper/lower back, the muscle spasms, cramps, migraines headaches and weight gain - are all too common and too familiar symptoms to us and to our doctors.  All, which brings Leah to believe that by maintaining a simple Pilates exercise regiment, using the Pilates Lateral Breathing techniques, stretching, toning & strengthening the skeletal muscle groups, and while maintaining correct postural alignment, would clearly reduce both the physical and the mental stress.  All which contributes to moving freely with no fear of discomfort or pain and feeling fabulous after each Pilates workout.

Contact info:

e-mail: TonePilates@gmail.com

mobile phone: (818) 512-5979

Leah Watts is a certified BASI Pilates Instructor and a lifetime lover of music and the arts. Her passion for physical fitness, mental well-being and classical music led her to begin Tone Pilates which combines the physical benefits of Pilates and the therapeutic power of classical music. 


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