I returned to Oak Park just a few months ago after living in Kirkland, WA for nearly 3 years.  My move was in two parts. First, my Pilates equipment and my dust-collecting ivory Piano which moved with me since 1976 like a good luck charm (not that I play anymore...). The second move was the entire content of my Kirkland home-on the day the wildfire Woolsey started. The giant Jorden River Moving & Storage truck from Seattle had just left after unloading the last box in my garage, while the furniture were neatly placed in the three bedroom upstairs. The downstairs has already been filled with Pilates equipment - from the first move three months prior. Ready to start cleaning, unpacking and vacuuming, I could not find my vacuum. I report it lost and off I rushed to Target to purchase a new one. After all, that evening I was scheduled to teach in my clean studio I pride myself with.   As I drove back from Target along Lindero Canyon Blvd on that Santa Ana windy day, I noticed a plum of thin smoke coming from behind my neighborhood. I remember thinking myself that this could not  (!) be very good thing on such a windy-dry day.  I proceeded to clean with excitement that my home is finally starting to feel like a home with all my furniture, pictures and framed photographs, memories from many years ago and recently purchased.