Tone Pilates & Barre by Leah Watts

Class List - JULY 2021 
Monthly Rate: $100 Virtual up to 5 x wk 
[ At 50% Early Bird Discount, ending July. 31]
     $45-2x wk; or  $15 Walk-In Pay & Go | 
  • Sorry, no refunds for No-Show/Early Cancellations. Instead, we encourage you to schedule a Make-Up class
  • We reserve the right to decline service to anyone
  • New Clients: Schedule a (FREE) Virtual Assessment before booking/signup.

Virtual: HIIT Pilates (NEW)                                          Level: Moderate to High

High-intensity interval training (also called HIIT) is a type of workout that switches back and forth from intense physical activity to less-intense exercise. You shouldn't do it every day, but it's very effective for weight loss because HIIT makes your body use energy from fat instead of carbs. You’ll also burn more calories with HIIT than with steady cardio. The intense exercise keeps your body working and in fat-burning mode for up to 24 hours after your workout ends.                                                                                                                                                                       SEE SCHEDULE LINK HERE

Virtual: Motion is Lotion                                            Level: Low to Moderate 
Enjoy a friendly group. Each month we try a new workout routine. It is a gentle Pilates class with up to 5 persons in a group! intended to mobilize and stretch the body while getting toned and strong! The purpose of this class is to lubricate and maintain the full Range of Motion (ROM) of the joins. Remember Motion is Lotion.                                                                                                                                                                  SEE SCHEDULE LINK HERE
Virtual: Pilates & Barre                                               Level: Moderate to High
Enjoy a friendly group working out together in rhythmic sequence. This work out is a bidirectional Upper/Lower body focused on safe postural alignment while moving and strengthening skeletal muscles groups in order: inner/outer thighs, Obliques, Core and Back. We use a chair or a wall for support, 2-3 lbs. Dumbbells & Balance balls (mini & large)                                                                                                      SEE SCHEDULE LINK HERE
Virtual: Stretch, Extend & Strengthen                              Level: ALL
         During the 45min class, we stretch the body in all directions safely and gently. Chest expansion, open & stretch the Hip Joints, Flexors and Gluteals, as well as working our Back extension while rotating/bending the upper body. At the end of the class, the entire body feels elongated and flexible.                                                                                                                                                                                         SEE SCHEDULE LINK HERE
 The Benefits of Stretching:
Stretching prepares the body for a workout and relieves soreness after a workout; Stretching increases Joint Range of Motion while reducing muscle stiffness. It also reduces a risk of injury; Stretching improves our posture by creating better alignment; Stretching reduces muscle tension & Stress enhancing relaxation; Stretching improves circulations by increasing blood supply to muscles & joints, transferring nutrient to the whole body; The increased flexibility of the hamstrings and hip flexors may also reduce low back pain; Finally, stretching improves energy and performance, preserving joints for the [many] years to come.
Virtual: Thighs & Buns (w/Resistance Bands):                               Level: Moderate to High
This class makes you feel sexy and strong. Results are quick to notice: long, toned & lean thighs.Firm & toned Bottom. During this class we work the surrounding legs' muscles, and all three muscles of the Gluteus. An amazing energizing class. Benefits are many: Balance improvement. Increased flexibility, strength, endurance and firmness.    The Thighs & Buns method based on Ballet, Yoga & Pilates basic movements using wide Resistance Bands in slow motion in constant resistance. |  PROPS: Resistance Bands, a solid/stable dinning room chair (as a barre), Mini Ball and 2-3lbs. dumbbells.                                                                     SEE SCHEDULE LINK HERE
Virtual: Young Seniors & Younger OR, Motion is Lotion          Level: ALL
This class is for the Young Seniors and for anyone who is young at heart, taught by a young Senior Instructor.    In this class we try four (4) class formats: Chair, Magic Circle, Fit Ball and Mat. Small size of participants.   Focus on the present moment. Improve the quality of your life reaction time and short memory. Feel relaxed and less destructed.                                                 SEE SCHEDULE LINK HERE
Virtual Fusion Pilates:                                                                       Level: Low to Moderate 
Based on Classic Pilates principles, we incorporate variety of movements to add fun and less restrictive Pilates movements structure. It uses props to enhance balance, and increase the cardio benefits.                                                                                                                                                                          SEE SCHEDULE LINK HERE
Virtual Traditional Pilates w/Cardio Snack:                            Level: Low to Moderate
Using the classical [mat] Pilates techniques such as setup position, movement articulation & alignment. The class is designed to use all axis movements of the body in a specific kinetic chain order. Taught in the same way around the world starting w/Joseph Pilates' basic 10 movements and adding to it in a progressive manner,  Session includes 10min Cardio Movements (i.e.The 100s)                                                   SEE SCHEDULE LINK HERE
ONCE FULLY VACCINATED CALL TO SCHEDULE. Proof of Validated COVID-19 Vaccine card needed   
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