Tone Pilates & Barre by Leah Watts


Holiday Free Pilates Virtual Class

Hello 2021 Pilates Bloggers, I'd like to list my most favorite virtual Pilates classes and explain why I enjoy teaching them. Happy Holidays & Happy New Year21 is an affordable 45min virtual class ($0/$10 for two classes and $40 for four classes) It is a significant Goodbye to 2020 and Welcome 2021...This is the time you tell yourself: No matter what are the CONDITIONS in my life, it is MY DECISION that gets me started. The class is designed to be flowing, 15min. playing and warming up w/Balance Mini Ball; Another 15min. of arms & legs workout routine on the Stability Pilates Fitball (in a bi-directional resistant motions); and the final 15min. is a full body integration movements on a Mat.


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