Tone Pilates & Barre by Leah Watts


Holiday Free Pilates Virtual Class

Hello 2022 Pilates Enthusiasts, I'd like to list my most favorite virtual Pilates classes and explain why I enjoy teaching them. Happy Holidays & Happy New Year. Tone Pilates & Barre has been offering affordable 45min virtual classes since the beginning of the Corona Virus since March 17, 2020, As we say Goodbye to 2021 welcoming 2022, it is time to tell yourself: No matter what is my Condition, my Schedule, or my Life's Demands - it is MY DECISION that gets me started on TAKING CARE OF MYSELF. The class is designed to be flowing, 10-15min. of warming up; 30 min of workout routine on moving, stretching, flexing and aligning our posture using bi-directional resistant motions to tone and strengthened our muscles and bones; The final 1part of the class is a cool down unwinding our body in a full integration movements on a Mat.


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